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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands on one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> i would like to call roll- call. [roll call] >> thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, it will come to the august 29 at san francisco police commission meeting. this is our monthly meeting we held the last wednesday of the month in that community. we rotate these meetings through various district stations and
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tonight is the turn of captain tom in central station. i would like to welcome you. as the commissioner, this is one of the best parts of being on the commission, going out to the community once a month and the meeting at different communities and hearing from you what your concerns are. i see we are setting up with the interpreters, maybe i should slow down a bit. let me know when you are ready. what we usually do at the meeting is have the commissioners introduce themselves and tell us what they do during that day job. the police commission job is allegedly a part-time job, but
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it is far from a part-time job, but it is a very rewarding. we will start to my left and tell you about what we do during the day. >> hello, everyone. a little bit about myself -- i am a native san franciscan and the newest member of the police commission. i was born in san francisco and this is where i raised my three daughters with my husband, tom, in case you are watching. during my day job, i run a building center in the southeast sector of our city that is addressing the, and stress that use faced with that community violence they face in that part of the city. we're trying to do some innovative and interesting things to get those kids on track. i am a former prosecutor and i was the public safety adviser to kamela harris.
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>> my name is carol kinsley and i was like to think captain tom and the elementary school for hosting us. i have again on the police commission for two years and has our president indicated, it is a very rewarding job and very enjoyable job and made more enjoyable by being out in the community and seeing folks like you show up and provide us with your input. thank you for being here tonight. i have been an attorney working in the financial district of san francisco for about 30 years. presently, my day job is as a business contract mediator. i have one son and he was born and raised in san francisco. , but aside from the police commission-related activities i do in my spare time, i serve on
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the board of directors and as an officer in the law center to prevent gun violence, a nonprofit organization founded around 20 years ago aimed at a national effort to reduce gun violence. thank you. >> [speaking cantonese] i'm a staff attorney at the asian law caucus just down the street, a nonprofit civil rights organization that provides legal services in a number of areas and i worked on criminal justice and juvenile issues. that is my day job. i also live in the sunset district of san francisco, which i think we have for chinatown's -- it's one of our other
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chinatowns in san francisco. my parents are immigrants from china and owned a chinese restaurant for a long time in portland, oregon. a couple of other things i want to get across -- my interest in terms of the commission includes language access, cultural competency, a juvenile issues and immigrant rights. thank you for coming tonight. >> i am also a native san franciscan. my wife and i have raised their two children here. they are native san franciscan, as is my wife. my day job is i am an attorney but prior to that i was an assistant district attorney in san francisco. for nine years, i was an assistant night -- an assistant united states attorney assigned to the organized crime unit. i'm on this commission because i love this city and i take our police department is a special part of the city.
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without further ado, i would like you to call line-item number-one. >> the chief's report -- a review of recent activities with chief gregory, sir. >> >> these chairs are hard to get out of. i apologize for having my back to the commission. it's always fun for me to come back to the central district. i came in about 31 years ago. my first time was in october, i had a some of my best times as a police officer we are a little
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bigger and a little bolder but we love our time in the central. recent reports in san francisco -- property crime is up a bit, but not a lot. violent crime continues to be down in san francisco, although homicides are up. that is attributable to a spike in gun violence in and of the homicides that occurred back in march, where five people were killed in a single residence, otherwise it, gun violence is down by about 5% and violent crime is down from where it was last year. one particular crime of note effecting the asian community are these crimes perpetrated by
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groups going into asian women suggesting they can get rid of evil spirits in exchange for money. i was speaking with commander be also oversees the downtown stations where the suspects told a woman to take out a certain amount of money and that was to be placed under a mattress until the end of august. this happened a while ago. in the amount of time this woman believes germany was under her mattress, is suspect made -- believed her money was under her mattress, the suspect made good her escape. in exchange for you doing something in money, they can get rid of the evil spirits -- please contact the police department immediately so we can take action. it is not a legitimate exercise of evil spirits. cahow recent activities of note -- a big one this weekend was america's cup. we had somewhere in the
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neighborhood of 150,000 people over four days a visit to the marina. some of the best sailors in the world raced around the bay and the practice round. the next day will be hugely busy weekend here in the central district as it is the second weekend in october which will be america's cup fleet week, the blue angels, the italian heritage club parade, the 49ers, the giants, hardly strictly but bluegrass in golden gate park. the san francisco police department will be fully deployed in the second weekend and hopefully it is going to be a great day nationally for the whole country to see it and we can get that many more people wanting to come and visit. today is the 45th anniversary of
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sgt -- passing of sergeant john d. young. we continue to keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers. i will do for the rest of my time to captain tom, your brand new and native son capt. here in the district. >> thank you. please call line item 1b. >> that will be done by many forts. >> a good evening president and commissioners. my name is manny forts. i'm with the city office of complaints and san francisco. also here is the senior investigator, edward mcmahon who is standing in the rear.
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i am pleased to be here to speak with you about the function of office of citizen complaints. it is the third largest civilian oversight of law enforcement in the united states. only behind the city of new york and chicago. the office was created by the board of supervisors in 1982. it was put into place in 1983. we are nearly 30 years old. we were originally in the san francisco police department, but was later placed under the direct supervision of the police commission and is an independent agency. it is separate from the police department and the police commission is also a civilian body. we conduct investigations to find out what happened. if we follow the evidence by interviewing the person who brought the complaint, the
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involved police officers, and other civilian witnesses. we have subpoena power to compel testimony and obtain evidence. we obtain additional evidence from the police department in the form of police reports and other documentation generated by the police department. we also visit the site of alleged occurrences and may take photographs of the places and persons. our goal is to complete investigations in nine months. it was limited exceptions, we must complete investigations in one year. once we complete an investigation, we make a finding of whether or not the complaint officer violated any police department rules or local, state, or federal laws. the standard of proof is the preponderance of evidence which means the probability of a complaint of conduct occurred is more likely than not.
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the probability is greater than 50%. if after an investigation, we find an officer violated rules, we for do report to the chief for further action. the chief can impose discipline up to a 10-day suspension. the police commission has jurisdiction over cases where the recommended discipline is greater than 10 days. the occ provides a mediation. this represents 7% of the cases we closed last year. our mediation program allows complainants to resolve issues with the accused officer in person in a dispute resolution format. the goal is to bring involved parties together to achieve
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mutual understanding. through our partnership with community boards and the bar association of san francisco, we are able to provide a neutral mediators. our mediations can be conducted in languages other than english and participation is voluntary. both the complaint in and complained on officer must agree for the mediation to go forward. i am proud to report that eligible police officer participation in our mediation program is nearly 90% and the occ is the winner of practice adr awards. i would like to share a few statistics about the complaints we have received in 2011 and how they complaints were resolved. in 2011, we received 784
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complaints. this represents an 8% reduction in the complaints we received over 2009 when we received 854 complaints. last year, we sustained allegations in 7% of the cases week and closed and found proper conduct in 25% and found a 4% or unfounded and not true. the largest% of allegations we received were from unwarranted actions followed by discredit and allegations of unnecessary force comprised 10% of allegations. in 2011, approximately 20% of complaints were african- americans. caucasians in were 30%. asian-americans comprise 5%,
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native americans were 1% and of the rest for others. complacency declined to state their ethnicity or 17% in 2011. the office of citizen complaints is located on the seventh floor of 25 van ness ave close to it than s and a market street. we are easily accessible by public transportation. we receive walked in complaints regarding police conduct from the public from 8:00 until 5:00 monday through friday. we also received complaints by telephone, mail, e-mail and fax. you can also file a complaint at your district police station and station personnel will forward it to us.
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our staff speaks several languages, including cantonese, mandarin, burmese, catalog and spanish. two of our investigators are bilingual in spanish, which is important because the largest number of non-english interviews we conduct our in spanish. four languages other than the ones i previously mentioned, we will obtain the interpretation services. last year, we conducted 28 case intakes in spanish. five in cantonese and one in mandarin. if any of you would like more information this evening, a senior investigator is here in the back to answer any of your questions. it we also have brochures on the table in the back. that concludes my remarks. >> any questions? thank you very much. let's call line item #one c --
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commission reports. commission president report and commissioner reports. >> similar to what the chief said, it was a successful america's cup. i don't know much about sailing, but i can tell you the police did an excellent job and things were well organized. a credit to the police department. you handled by large clout -- and a large crowd and did it right. let's call line item 1d ^ >> commission announcements and scheduling of announcements for consideration. >> is there anything to add to the upcoming agenda? >> hearing none, we are ready to move -- we ordinarily have a public comment after these line items, but i would like to move that over for the main event. >> we might want to make the announcement that we are dark next week.
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>> there will be no meeting on september 5. on september 12, we will return to city hall at 5:30. >> thank you. ordinarily, we have public comment, but i would like to say that for after our main event i don't hear any objection from my fellow commissioners, i ask that the call out line item #2. >> capt. garrett, the commanding officer of central station to address the commission on police activities in the central district.
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>> president, commissioners and chief, acting director and members of the community, welcome to the central district. it is a distinct honor to host the police commission tonight. my name is capt. garrett tom, the new captain of central station, but i am not new to central. this is my fourth tour of duty at the central district. i started out here over 40 years ago as the new guy. i remember the chief as one of the more senior veterans when we're eating at 3:00 in the morning, but this, right after in 1982, i was stationed here for my training and i came back
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and made it as a sergeant in 1993 and put the next several years that central station with the assignment of gang sergeant in chinatown. i had a great time and when i was promoted to inspector, i came back in 2000 and hopefully i can and my career here at central station. thank you for a signing here i was born in chinese hospital just a couple of blocks down. i grew up in north beach, had a paper route at the old north point apartments that dean martin known. i went fishing at fisherman's wharf all the time and i would go deep sea fishing with the police use fishing program. i was a member of the boys' club and chinatown is really in my heart. i would like to introduce a few
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officers who are assigned to central station. these officers are very special to me. they're going to retire soon. the first one is our chinatown beat man. he has been in the police department for 35 years and he is going to retire in february. he spent 33 years at a central station and i remember walking to junior high, used to see him because his family had a grocery store and he would coach baseball. the second guy on the chinatown beat -- everyone in chinatown knows him as the tall one. he has been in the police department 40 years and will be retiring soon. he is more chinese than i am because he teaches asian studies at the police academy and the
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only eat chinese food. he grew up with a bunch of chinese kids and he is much more chinese than i am. our next beat man is a true ambassador of san francisco, he was a cable car driver for 25 years. he was the cable car bell ringing champion for 30 years and he finally saw a light and wanted to join the san francisco police department. he has been in it are city serving for 50 years. he used to climb halfway to the stars in that cable cars and now he's doing it in black and white. he is full of energy. i would also like to introduce our new lieutenant, valerie matthews. she is the night lieutenant and she comes from homicide. she brings a lot of investigative experience to central station. i really enjoy her.
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thank you. steve that my fis is on my staff. he takes care of all of the alcohol, beverage and restaurant permits and is arguably one of the best permit men in the city. thank you. helping me with the power point today is amanda dunn. without her, i could not get this correct. an overview of the central district. the central district comprises four sectors. in the theater district and has boundaries at that tenderloin. the two car is mainly union square and chinatown. the three car covers russian hill, not hill, and parts of
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fisherman's wharf. for car has the embarcadero and north beach. the central district is a truly a center of business, commerce, and tourism. we are home to 20,000 hotel rooms in our district and have 24 schools and 24 parks and or playgrounds in the district. this is in a very small geographical area. we average 5500 calls per service per month. we cover union square, chinatown, the financial district, north beach, russian hill, telegraph hill, the embarcadero and fisherman's wharf. our main supervisor is supervisor david chiu and
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supervisor marc farrell has a pocket and supervisor james kim has a pocket along geary street. the population is about 75,000 residents in a 1.8 square mile area. on any given day, the population swells to about 350,000 people because of all the people coming to work in the financial district. the demographics in the central district -- female is about 50%, males 49.8%. it's almost even. age 17 and under is 17.56% which equates to about 5300 people
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under 17. our senior population is twice that much or approximately 11,500. caucasian -- 46%. african-american, 2%. latino, 4%. other is a 1.3%. less than 1% our native american. our organizational chart is headed by yours truly. i have the captain's staff which consists of one sergeant and six officers. the captain's staff is in charge of the demonstrations, protests and special events. he has to assistance. his round off by a subpoena officer who handles postings for no parking, a permit officer and a facilities officer. we have a street crimes unit
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that wears plain clothes and concentrates on robberies and stolen vehicles and car break- ins. they do a great job and make a lot of arrests. the day watch patrol is headed by two lieutenants, four sergeants and 46 patrol officers and two police service aids. those are the civilians that help us take reports so we can put police officers out on the streets. the day watch patrol, we have three shifts. the other starts at 8:00 and 11:00. the night watch, we have to lieutenants. 10 sergeants, 46 patrol officers and two police service aids. the night watch starts at 4:00 and the midnight watch starts at 9:00 until 7:00 in the morning.
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we have inspectors at the station called the station investigative team headed by six investigators. last year, there responsible for catching the guy who stole the picasso, but they do all the follow-up on all our crime. at central station, f-16's female officers, for asian, three african-american, seven caucasians, and to latina. male officers, 110 -- 27 are asian, five are african- american, 74 are caucasian. central district, seven of the top in a san francisco are in the central district, that includes fisherman's wharf and alcatraz island,


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